About Us

Pipesketch are specialists in the Design, Fabrication and Installation of Process Piping and Supports.

Pipesketch Company Profile

Pipesketch specialise in the design, supply and installation of industrial pipework systems. Given the nature of work, the company is responsible for process and industrial piping on high profile and capital intensive projects where skill in discharging duties is of the utmost importance given the cost of any waste.

Pipesketch provide a service to businesses and therefore the key unique selling point is the ability to deliver the projects on time and with accuracy. The business offers the full design through to installation of project. On-site expertise therefore provides reassurance for customers as we can identify and solve any technical queries relating to installation.

The business was formed by Patrick Doherty, currently the Managing Director, and incorporated on 1st February 2006. Patrick leads a team of highly skilled personnel to ensure operational aspects meet clients needs.